Evergreen di Pietro Bonaccorso - Bronte, Sicily

The producer of our pistachio products in Bronte, Sicily

This farm was founded in 1960 from the family Bonaccorso, in Bronte, the italian region of pistachios. 
They grow the pistachios and they manufacture all the products that you will find in the foodboxes: pistachio pesto, pistachio nutella and pistachio chocolates. Their pistachios are P.O.D. products – protected origin denomination.
They follow ancient and traditional methods while ensuring high quality standard for their beloved pistachios.
Their love and respect for this product can be seen in all their efforts to mantain the high-quality standards of the certified P.O.D. pistachios from Bronte.

Azienda Agricola Fronte - Pachino, Sicily

The producer of our cherry-tomato products in Pachino, Sicily

The farm was born from the love for the ancient cultural and cultural traditions of Pachino, an area awarded many international awards in the agricultural field. Thanks to a strictly controlled production process, to the great passion, respect and care of nature and the combination of soil, climate and salinity of the water, they obtain healthy products from different crops, specially the cherry-tomatoes.

Azienda Agricola Nettare - Ivrea, Piedmont

The producer of our honeydew products in Ivrea, Piedmont

The farm is located in the high hills in Piedmont and it is composed of 150 hives. Due the location and peculiar climate of the area, the bees are able to grow regularly without the use of any pesticides. Their honeys won several regional prizes thanks to the healty living conditions of the bees. They produce honeys, honeydews and pollen.